A corset for the bedroom…

I had always wondered what I would look like in a corset. I had marvelled at them from afar, in burlesque shows and lingerie shops, but what would it look like if it was on me? I had never been the most confident of women. I knew that for the most part things looked better… Continue reading A corset for the bedroom…


How to wear heels with lingerie

When it comes to choosing lingerie, you probably are not all that focused on your high heels, but it can make a big difference in how you look and how you present yourself. Of course, you don’t need high heels to look absolutely amazing, but the right high heels looks can certainly enhance what you… Continue reading How to wear heels with lingerie


Seduction 101

Seduction is a fine art and it can often seem out of reach of your average woman. If seduction seems out of your reach, then don’t worry- in this article we’ll cover the fool-proof steps to seducing your man tonight. Not only are these tips effective, but they’re authentic, so you don’t have to worry… Continue reading Seduction 101


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