The Traffic Cop Roleplay Scenario

When it comes to traffic violations, women are lucky. Most of them need only to bat their eyes to get off with a stern warning and avoid hefty fines.

Women can flirt with traffic cops to get out of tickets but taking it further than that might be illegal and unethical. But what if you’re really, really attracted to the officer?

This is probably a fantasy that is rarely acted on, but you can make it come to life in your bedroom. Here’s how it’s done.

It’s best to make your fantasies as realistic as possible. While we don’t recommend either partner actually performing an illegal traffic move, you can start with one partner actually in the car in the act of getting pulled over.

The driver can flirt with the officer (who is preferably in uniform) to try and get out of the ticket. The officer can resist saying they will need a little more than a wink and smile to escape being punished. Things can progress until the two of you find yourselves in the bedroom ripping each other’s clothing off in sheer abandonment.

In these types of fantasies, it is typical for the driver to be the woman and the officer to be the man. However, tables can turn and there is no reason why the driver can’t be a man seducing the female officer. After all, there’s nothing like a woman in a sexy cop uniform with a pair of handcuffs, right?

Now that we’ve set the stage for sexy traffic officer roleplay scenarios, you can take it to the next level. How will your driver and cop sexy role play ideas play out in your bedroom?

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