A corset for the bedroom…

I had always wondered what I would look like in a corset. I had marvelled at them from afar, in burlesque shows and lingerie shops, but what would it look like if it was on me? I had never been the most confident of women. I knew that for the most part things looked better on everyone else. That was from my perspective at least.

Cue John. The man of my dreams. He was the be all and end all of men and my entire world. He could see the sexiness within, and outside it seemed. He would always dote on me and tell me how desirable I was. For the first time in my life I knew that I was attractive, wanted, hot enough to pull off something big.

I walked confidently into the lingerie store and stared the racks of frilly, lacy exotic lingerie up and down. This was going to be harder than I thought to buy sexy lingerie. But I just kept moving forward. I could imagine that look on his face when he saw me for the first time. I had never gotten overly dressed up for him, well not with the intention of taking it back to the bedroom, but this was different. I would do nothing but ensure that our anniversary night was perfect in every way.

The store clerk approached me sweetly.

“Can I help you with anything?” she queried. I shook my head. I was determined to choose just the right thing and I did not want my decision to be influenced whatsoever by the women who just wanted to make a big sale. I wanted to go home with the perfect corset that made me feel attractive, sensual and overall sexy.

I tried on piece after piece, bodysuit lingerie, one piece lingerie until I finally found it. I looked myself up and down in the dressing room mirror. This was the one. The steel boned full corset in pink satin looked divine, even over the top of my blouse. It was the one. Even the colour contrasted exquisitely with my complexion. The material felt so good against my skin.

“I’ll take it,” I said as I placed it delicately on the counter. I did not even look at the price tag. The price was not an issue. The look on John’s face would be absolutely priceless. I took my purchase home and waited eagerly for John to get there.

I put on the corset and looked at myself up and down in the comfort of my own home. Without the clothes underneath it looked even better than before. That was when I heard him come up the driveway, his work shoes grinding against the gravel.

I laid out on the bed and positioned myself seductively. As he entered I watched his face turn from a look of happiness to one of lust and desire. He said not one word. He simply dumped his bag on the floor and jumped upon me, ravishing me in every sense of the word. I can not remember better sex than the sex we had that evening.

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